I AM YOGA: So Hum Yoga?

August 27, 2013 at 3:04 PM



So Hum Yoga?

By Steph Long

“So Hum” is the Sanskrit mantra that means, “I am.” The idea is that you just repeat these sounds over and over and through this practice you are drawn deeper and deeper into you big “S” Self and eventually come to realize your true nature – what you truly are.

Early on in my yoga teacher training, my teacher led my fellow YTTers and me through a meditation where we focused on letting go. We sat up tall, crossed our ankles, placed hands on the tops of our thighs, and closed our eyes. She asked us to bring into our awareness all of the “things” in our lives: our cars, our money, our jobs, our clothes, our relationships, and even our bodies. When something would enter into our awareness, we were instructed to say in our heads, “I am not my car. I am not my job. I am not this body…” and so on. At the end, she asked us all, “Did that kind of make you wonder what you… are?” And indeed it did.

What am I? Who am I? I mean, I pretty much get it that I’m not my car, my house, my job, but what about those other roles that I really identify with? Wife? Sister? Daughter? Someday mother? Who am I if I’m not those?

So Hum…?

So then we bring in our theme which all of our awesome teachers here at Blossom have written about over the past few months: I am yoga. By the way, if you haven’t read the past blogs, go back and do it. They are insightful, personal, and offer some beautiful perspectives on this pretty intensely deep theme.

So, does it fit for me? Am I yoga?

In my life these days, I would definitely say that it has become my lifestyle. I recently quit my very secure, salaried job to dive a little bit deeper down this yoga rabbit hole – a decision that makes so much sense to me, but that even I can doubt when I put it into the context of my reality. I practice asana a lot. I think it yogic terms. I talk the talk. I (try to) live my life according to yogic ethical principals. So yes, I do a lot of yoga. But AM I YOGA?


I am.

So Hum.

We all are.

Yoga is the joining together of opposites… the holding of everything at once. This AND that. It’s a practice, not a perfect. Yoga is the good and the bad and the ugly. It pushes us. It challenges us. It offers us awareness and acceptance and connection to the biggest love out there. And it’s already in us. We can hold everything and then some: the car, the house, the relationships... We get to move between those “things” and the true us that is MUCH bigger and MUCH deeper. The trick is to not get too distracted by that stuff. Because really...

I am yoga.

We are yoga.

It IS us.

So the next time you’re feeling small, disconnected, separate, or question who you are, “So Hum” for a while. Go deeper. Feel your true nature.

Because You are yoga too.