I Am Yoga

June 18, 2013 at 12:00 PM

erica.jpgThe concept of Yoga used to be beyond my grasp of awareness or imagination, even though as a child I lived it—I felt my emotions as they arose, I was free in giving and receiving of love, I saw beauty in everything and everyone, and I questioned what seemed superficial. Now, I see Yoga everywhere. I feel as if I am living a scavenger hunt, searching myself for closed spaces to open, to soften. I am re-familiarizing myself with that uninhibited childhood self through Yoga.

Yoga unleashes me from the straightjacket I restrain myself with when I limit myself to perfection, so that I may once again reach out my arms to give and receive.

Yoga finds me when I am alone in the woods, urging me to stop and acknowledge the abundance.

Yoga hides from me, inspiring a curiosity of mind and body so that I will search for more depth and clarity to grow and evolve.

Yoga is my first love, my necessary love. It is the love I was born with, the one that opens me to giving more and receiving more, finding gratitude in existence.

Yoga makes that which is abstract and unseen, concrete and palpable. It takes my thought, idea, and feeling, and turns them into emotion and expression.

Yoga fills me with breath, and then surrenders it to its origins. I breathe in, I breathe out, willingly and unwillingly. I fill myself with breath, and I surrender it. I am all of these things; I do all of these things through my practice.

Yoga is I. I am Yoga.


All my love,